Monday, February 27, 2012

5dpo :)

I didn't get my BFP with my last cycle, but it's all good. I'm currently 5dpo, and I ovulated CD19! That's the earliest it's ever happened for me since we started TTC. I'm so happy that my ovulation day is heading in the right direction. Last month it happened CD21 which I was also pleased about (my earliest before that was CD22). CD19 is awesome for me!

Here's my chart:

It looks good so far, but it's too early to make any predictions of course. At this point I'm just happy that I ovulated earlier than usual!


Our last foster pug was adopted a couple of weeks ago, he went to his new home on Valentine's Day. He has 2 moms now who both love him to bits! I'm so happy for the little guy. His new name is Ollie, much easier than Tien Ping! LOL. He was the first one I wasn't really worried about when he left us; he's so easy-going and when he came to us from his original owner, he was absolutely fine. I knew he'd be fine leaving us, and not upset or anything.

The day after he left, I went to pick up our new foster pug (Hudson). He'd just had surgery that day: He was neutered, but that wasn't straightforward because he had an undescended testicle so they had to open his abdomen up. They also widened his nostrils because he was having trouble breathing. Anyway, he seemed OK (groggy from the anesthetic of course). I sat with him the next couple of days while he rested. My hubby was away in Wisconsin on a business trip, so it was just me and the pugs. Anyway, on the Saturday evening, about 10 minutes after the vet closed (typical!) his abdominal incision started oozing orange stuff. Not good. I called the advice line for our local vet and they said it sounded like an infection (which we assumed it was) and to keep it as clean as possible and take him to the vet the next day. Luckily, the vet he'd had surgery at is open 7 days a week so that wasn't a problem. Hudson was so good, he let me clean him up as often as I needed to (frequently) - he would just lay there and let me do what I had to do. The next day it was even worse, and we got him to the vet at lunchtime (first available appointment). Initially the vet thought it was an infection which would be treatable by antibiotics at home, but she went and examined him again just to be sure and came back to tell us he needed another surgery. She said it was worse than she'd realized at first and that he had a really bad infection and an open area, so he had to be opened up again, have an abdominal wash-out and be re-closed. OMG! So we left him at the vet and came home, which just about killed me. He's not even our dog and we'd only had him 4 days at that point, but I cried my eyes out that afternoon. I was so scared for him; the whole thing was pretty traumatic.

Well, when they did the surgery they found out that he'd actually had a really bad reaction to his sutures and that had caused the wound to break down. They had to cut away the bad tissue (the vet said it was hard because his tissue was 3 times thicker than it should have been, due to the reaction) and wash his abdomen out, then re-suture the incision. The fact it was a suture reaction was actually a good thing, it was better news than a massive infection anyway. So we collected him the day after and he seemed great. The incision looked so much better and he was a lot perkier. We were given antibiotics for him but the vet said his culture results wouldn't be back for 3-4 days so he may need his antibiotics switching when they came back. We took him home and he was so happy to be back! Unfortunately the next day, he started vomiting (it was almost projectile!) and hubby called the vet; they said to bring him back in. They gave him subcutaneous fluids because he was a little dehydrated (even though he'd been drinking), and they gave him shots of his anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and an anti-nausea med. That was good - we didn't have to worry about giving him his meds for the rest of the day. He had to be fed a bland diet in small amounts every 2-3 hours (scrambled egg and rice). I did that for the rest of that day and the following morning, and then his incision started to bleed again. OMG!!!! My heart sank; what was wrong now? We got him an appointment at the vet (again) and I contacted one of the people in charge of pug rescue, who said that she would speak to the vet and ask if Hudson could stay there for a night or two. When we took him in, the vet told us he had 2 infections going on (the culture results had just come back), and the antibiotics he was on were only tackling one of those infections. That kind of explained things! By the time of his appointment, he wasn't actively bleeding. They took him back to the treatment area and started him on his new antibiotics. They called us at 7pm and said they'd cleaned him all up and would see how his incision was in the morning. They called us the next morning and told us it was fine, no bleeding or anything overnight. They also found out he had a 3rd bug in there, but luckily the antibiotics he was on was good for all 3. We arranged to collect him that afternoon, and he's been doing great since! One of his nose sutures came out on Saturday, but that's OK, it's healed nicely (that was 11 days post-surgery and the nose sutures are supposed to come out on their own). His other one is still in, but I'm sure it won't be long before it comes out too.

He still has to wear his e-collar because otherwise he tries to get to his sutures, but he's doing so well. It's obvious he feels a million times better. He's resting in his crate the majority of the time, because I really don't want him to have any more complications and he tries to jump and run when he's out of the crate. Plus, our pugs try to play with him (he so wants to play!) and I'm scared of his sutures being pulled out or something. I'm going to take him for his first short walk today, just down to our local small pet store (like a 10 minute round-trip). He's a skinny little guy, he was found wandering stray with 2 other pugs (a boy and a girl). The girl was pregnant and had a hole in her uterus, so her spay was complicated. Just as well she came to pug rescue when she did, because she probably would've died if the pregnancy had progressed. She was adopted on Saturday :-) The trio weren't bonded, they're all fine on their own. Just as well, because it's hard enough to find a home for a pair, never mind for 3. Hudson is the cutest little guy and I just know he's going to be really popular when he's up for adoption. There's an event this Saturday but I don't know if he can go to it. Hopefully he can, his sutures should be out by then. I haven't been able to write his bio yet because I can't really tell anyone much about him - whether he's potty-trained, leash-trained, how he interacts with other dogs, etc. It'll have to wait until he's able to be free of his e-collar, LOL.

Here's the lovely Hudson: