Our TTC Timeline

October 2010: We got married!

May 2011: Ditched all birth control, started taking prenatals.

June 2011: Officially started TTC. Started BBT charting after one cycle with no charting.

August 2011 cycle: Bought our house; very stressed out so didn't ovulate (42 day cycle). Started taking vitamin B complex to help with luteal phase.

September 2011 cycle: BFN.

October 2011 cycle: Ended in BFN right after Thanksgiving (LP 8 days, probably bad ovulation).

November/December 2011 cycle: Really thought I was going to get my BFP, all signs looked promising on my chart... BFN.

January 2012 cycle: BFN.

February 2012 cycle: Started taking Mucinex on my fertile days, to help with CM. BFN.

March 2012: Realize it's been 9 months of actively TTC and if I'd been one of the lucky ones who get pregnant right away, we'd be having a baby around now. Depressing!!!

April 2012: Started using Pre-Seed during my fertile time.

May 2012: Hubby gets a SA done: very high count, good morphology, good motility - nothing wrong. I see my OBGYN for pap test and to discuss fertility concerns: bloodwork completed, HSG ordered. Started using ovulation predictor saliva microscope. BFN.

June 2012: Very depressed that after a whole year of actively TTC, nothing has happened. We are infertile by definition. HSG is done: everything is perfect, tubes are clear and open. Had 2-hour glucose tolerance test. Saw OBGYN for results: everything is perfect, no cause for concern. Plan is to continue TTC on our own until the end of the year and then review. Went on a mini-vacation, relaxed a ton... Had hope that since all our tests came back great, the long-awaited BFP would surely be just around the corner. Read about lots of women who got pregnant right after having a HSG - hoped that would happen for us!

HSG cycle (June 2012): BFN. Spotting started at 10 dpo, LP was 12 days.

July 2012 cycle: BFN. Spotting started late in the evening of 9 dpo. LP was 12 days.

August 29th 2012: First appointment with fertility specialist. Repeat SA for DH ordered (even though we're almost certain it's going to be good like the last one.) Internal ultrasound scan showed normal ovaries and uterus. Plan is to try Clomid next cycle.

September 4th 2012: Totally unexpected BFP at 11 dpo! OMG! Tested first with a Wondfo (second line appeared within about 3 minutes) and then confirmed with a FRER. Two beautiful pink lines! Tested for a 3rd time (with a Wondfo) and yep, it's definitely a BFP! I'm in shock!

September 5th 2012: Tested again with a Wondfo and a FRER - both lines were darker. Also tested with a Clearblue digital: Pregnant! Seeing the word somehow made it feel more real! :)

September 6th 2012: Tested yet again (yes, I'm weird!) with a Wondfo and a FRER. Lines were even darker and came up even quicker.

September 10th 2012: Appointment with OB. Betas will be ordered.


  1. Your Hx sounds all too familiar (I'm unexplained too). I'm glad you are going to see an RE and definitely push that short LP. Some progesterone suppositories should take care of that!

    1. I'll definitely be asking about that! My OBGYN said my LP was fine but I have my doubts! Good luck to you in your journey :)