Monday, August 15, 2011

CD13 and feeling somewhat hormonal!

The way I feel today is just like CD23 of my last cycle... Greasy skin with a breakout (1 bad zit and quite a few small ones) and pelvic cramping. I had the same symptoms yesterday but the cramping is worse this evening. Last cycle I ovulated either CD22 or 23, so with the symptoms being the same I'm really hoping this is a good sign that I'm going to O soon! :-)

My chart is looking absolutely crazy this cycle, I'm confused because I'm super consistent with taking my temps every morning but they still look like this:

I guess I just have to hope that in the next few days my temps will shoot above 98ºF and stay up there to confirm ovulation.

I'm so not used to having bad skin, I must admit it's surprised me that I've been having breakouts at certain points in my cycle since coming off the Pill. My skin definitely looked better while I was on it! Oh well. I guess when I get pregnant I'll probably have greasy awful skin then too. Hubby probably thinks I'm an idiot for thinking my skin is terrible but it's relative, right? He has frequent breakouts so as far as he's concerned my skin is fine, but I'm used to having clear skin! Haha. I feel like I'm a teenager again with this skin! :-D

I'm also craving sweet things, unfortunately for me we're all out of chocolate and cake! It's probably just as well, hehe. I might have a cup of cocoa, maybe that will satisfy my cravings! :-)

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