Thursday, August 4, 2011


I've had a Massage Envy membership since the end of April, and had 3 massages saved up on my account. Well, with all this TTC stuff, I wanted to avoid going any time I might have been pregnant, so I promised myself last week that if my period showed I'd book myself an appointment. I called at lunchtime and got an appointment for 3 p.m. today - I'm so glad I went, I feel about a million times better now. It was so relaxing! My back and shoulders were so tense and knotted up, and my therapist did such a great job of working the tension out. I made another appointment with the same therapist for next Thursday, I'm looking forward to it already! I can't believe how much tension and stress went away in the space of an hour, it's crazy.

So I'll have 1 left after next week, then at the end of the month another will be credited to my account. I figure that after we move house I'll definitely want to go again, there's a Massage Envy not too far from our new house so that's good :-) I'll probably need it after the stress of moving. I'm using my massages as a kind of consolation prize for when my period comes, I guess! I'll always hope it doesn't, of course, but I know conceiving will probably take a while so if/when it shows next month, I'll go for another massage... or 2!

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