Thursday, May 24, 2012

A romantic getaway? Yes please!

This morning I was excited to use my ovulation microscope, thinking that it would show full ferning. Wrong! Not one single fern. I tried 3 separate times, thinking that maybe I messed up with the saliva sample (one time I managed to get air bubbles in the sample), but nope. No ferns. I wonder if my body geared up to ovulate and then didn't. I don't know if that's possible with the saliva testing but I know it's possible with urine ovulation predictors, so I guess it probably is with this too. Anyway, today is CD14 so it's not like I was really expecting to ovulate yet anyway. I'm not putting all my faith into the microscope, because I'm not sure yet if it's going to be accurate for me. I find it odd that there was no ferning at all but my CM has become very watery - I'm going to assume I'm fertile now and we'll be sure to DTD regularly until ovulation has been confirmed. I hope the microscope will be accurate but I'd hate to rely solely on that, only to miss our window of opportunity!

My hubby surprised me yesterday by saying he wants us to go away for a few days. It'd be a 'stay-cation', we wouldn't go far. He has a couple of days off work at the end of June so we could make the most of that and have 3 nights away in a nice resort. I've been looking today and there are some good deals available, so hopefully we'll make it happen. It's probably exactly what we both need, a little break just the two of us. We'd have to board the dogs of course (between $60 and $85 per day for our two) and our foster pugs would need to go to someone else for the time we're away. I've emailed the ladies in charge of the rescue and they said it's not a problem. Yay! I guess we can go ahead and book something then! Now I just need to find the resort we want to stay at...

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