Friday, June 8, 2012

My fur-babies

Suzie & Gracie

Suzie & Gracie

Fosters Milo & Lilly

Fosters Milo (front) & Lilly (back)


  1. I love them! How old are the girls? Olive will be 6 this summer. I love that you are a foster pug mom to Milo and Lily- lucky pups!

    1. Thanks! :) Suzie (fawn) will be 3 in August, Gracie (brindle) will be 5 in October.
      Lilly & Milo are about 7 and 9. They've been together for at least 6 years so they're like an old married couple, LOL. They're so sweet, I just hope we can find them an amazing home with great people! I should post pics of our 4 previous fosters too :)