Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Betas: what would you do?

OK, so apparently to get my betas done with the OB, I have to first have an appointment with her. That's scheduled for Monday (9/10). I'm so tempted to just go to the RE today and get my betas done, though. So I'm asking you all, what would you do? Is there any real need to rush to get the betas done? Will 6 days really make that much of a difference? (Answer: it might only be 6 days, but I want to know now!!) Should I just be satisfied with my HPTs until I can see my OB? What do most women do? I've never had to think this far ahead before!

Also, for those of you who are/have been pregnant, what do they typically do at your first appointment? I'll only be about 4 weeks 2 days along on Monday, so it's too early for an ultrasound and there won't be any heartbeat to hear! Do they just palpate your pelvis or something? I really thought OBs didn't see you until 8-10 weeks, so I'm pretty surprised that I'll be seeing her so soon.


  1. My Dr always does a beta right away then a follow up beta then at 5 to 6 week the do a US to check position, but id get a beta now! Why wait then when they pull it next week you will know its doubling! Congrats!!!!!

    1. Thanks Ali! We decided in the end it's probably fine to just wait until Monday. I meant to update this post but completely forgot! I tested again today and the lines were definitely darker. I also got a positive on a digital, which I really didn't think would happen at this point because they're supposed to be less sensitive! AF wasn't due until tomorrow or Friday, so I guess Monday's appointment will be fine for the betas. I always thought I'd have to wait until after AF was due to get a positive, yesterday I just tested on a whim :)