Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Still waiting!

I didn't want any of you lovely ladies to worry about the lack of update - so far I haven't heard anything! I'm thinking of calling my OB office in 10-15 minutes to see if I can get my results. When I called for them last week I was told I'd get a call if there was a problem; well, I got a call and there wasn't a problem. I know my OB will probably think to call me because she's been really good about that before, but she's human (and busy!) and might not. So, I'll call before they close. I really hope I find out today, the wait is like torture!


I called and asked for my results... I was transferred to a different extension, which was just a voicemail message saying that any messages left after 4pm would not be heard before the next day. It was close to 5pm, so I didn't leave a message. I think they might not actually have my results back yet, because when I went for the blood-work it was about 3:30pm and a guy from the lab came to collect the blood samples while mine was being drawn. I don't know if he took mine with him or not... If not, maybe my results will be in tomorrow instead. I'm just going with "no news is good news" for now. Not much else I can do, except call again tomorrow! :)

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