Thursday, April 18, 2013

Today's NST

The NST this afternoon went really well. The baby did great, thank goodness :)
I also found out I'm having contractions. That was news to me! I felt what I thought might be one during the NST, but there were a lot I didn't notice apparently. Cool! I'm sure nothing is going to happen imminently, but the doctor said now that I'm 36 weeks they won't try to stop labor whenever it starts. It's good to know my body is getting ready for labor, though. I wonder if my OB will check my cervix next week at my appointment. I've never asked what she normally does with regards to cervical checks, so who knows? I've heard they're kind of pointless, because you can go from being 0 cm dilated to being in labor quickly, or you can walk around 3 cm dilated for weeks with nothing happening. I guess I'll just go with whatever she suggests. It would be interesting to know what, if anything, is going on though!