Friday, May 10, 2013

39 weeks yesterday... we have a plan!

Yesterday marked 39 weeks! I had my appointment and everything is going well. The NST was good, no worries there. I asked my OB about the syrinx/epidural thing and she thinks it will be OK, but will check with an anesthesiologist to be sure. I'm not planning on getting one anyway, but I'd kind of like for it to be an option if I feel I need it. I mean I have no idea just how bad labor is going to be, so I'm trying to keep my options open!

I didn't get a cervix check, she said there was no need and I know she's right. Hopefully things are progressing, though. We talked about induction and the plan is that I'll have my next appointment on Wednesday, 39+6, and probably go to the hospital that night. I'm not in a desperate hurry to get the baby out, but my OB doesn't want me going much beyond 40 weeks. My blood pressure is generally OK but has been rising a little recently, and I think that's part of it. If they start inducing on Wednesday night, baby boy might actually arrive on his due date - 5/16. Not that that really matters, but it would be pretty cool I guess. I'm still hoping our baby will have other plans and I'll go into labor on my own before then, though! :)

My hubby has told his manager what's likely to happen - obviously the dates are subject to change, if the baby comes on his own earlier or if for some reason they don't induce me on Wednesday, but he's trying to keep them in the loop. He has 7 vacation days left to take, so if everything goes according to plan he'll be off Thursday and Friday, and then all of the following week. Hopefully we'll be out of the hospital by Sunday at the latest. If the baby is born on Thursday, we might get out by Saturday. Ideally I want to see one of the hospital's lactation consultants before we leave, to make sure everything is going well with feeding before going home.

It's all getting very real now! :)

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  1. baby??? Hope all is well and that you are holding a bitty baby!! XO