Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My BBT this morning was normal, but my CM was still very watery and this afternoon I checked it again and it was egg-white! That's a really, really good sign! It means that I'm very close to ovulating - hopefully any day now! :-)

In other news, the house we're hoping to buy appraised for almost $21k less than the asking price, so we're anxiously waiting to hear what the seller is going to do. We're obviously hoping he'll still sell us the house but it's a big difference from what he wanted for it, so we're not sure at all what will happen.

So on the one hand, I'm happy (EWCM!) but on the other, I'm kinda sad and anxious (house uncertainty). There's not much we can do about the house, anyway - our realtor asked the mortgage company if they would allow us to get another appraisal and they said no (the logic being that if the second appraisal came back higher we would be willing to pay that, and thus presumably more likely to get the house). As things stand, the seller could take the house off the market or hold out for a cash offer. Or, he could surprise us and sell us the house. Man, this waiting sucks!

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