Thursday, July 21, 2011


This morning I used both my old thermometer and my new basal thermometer. I used them both in exactly the same way, before I was out of bed. The old one said 97.0ºF and the new one 97.5ºF. Now, I know that ideally you shouldn't change the thermometer during your cycle, but I'm inclined to believe the new thermometer. The reason being, that I used both yesterday but that time I used the new one after I was up and about, and the reading was 0.2ºF higher than with my old one, which I used before I got out of bed. So for there to be a big difference under the exact same conditions seems odd, right? So I'm gonna start using the new one as of tomorrow. I recorded the temperature from the new one today, too.

We DTD last night but didn't finish, hubby was really tired. To be honest, so was I. Nevermind! We DTD when he finished work this afternoon, so it's all good. Since about an hour after that, I've been having pretty intense cramps. They're nowhere near as bad as period cramps, but they're worse than they have been. I've been cramping mildly for several days now, and I figured it must be my body getting ready to ovulate. That correlates with my CM, too. My CM today is very watery still, so it's still classed as fertile. I think I might have ovulated today, because of all the cramping. Of course I could be wrong, we'll see in the morning I guess when I take my BBT.

My skin feels horrible and greasy, I've got what I would call a 'breakout' (3 zits - my hubby was like, "really, that's a breakout?!" - um, for me, yes!). I've also been really sleepy today, I kept falling asleep on the couch when I was trying to watch a couple of TV shows. I'm guessing it's all down to hormones, which again would tie-in with ovulation. :-)

We went to Target today and I bought a 3-pack of First Response Early Result HPTs. I had a coupon for $2 off, from the last pack I had. It was $9.99 for 2 or $12.99 for 3, so I got the 3-pack for $10.99. I have 49 Wondfo tests left, so I'm hardly about to run out, but I want to confirm any potentially positive result I might get on a Wondfo, with a FRER. I now have 4 of those, I had 1 left from last month. Knowing me, when I do get a BFP I'll rush out to buy a digital HPT too, just to see the word 'pregnant'! What can I say, I'm probably not going to believe it right away!

Speaking of BFPs, I really hope that this will be our cycle! If I have just ovulated today or yesterday then I'll have to wait a while to test. When O is confirmed on my charts, I'll probably decide to test on 8DPO, 10DPO, 12DPO and 14DPO. At least the Wondfo tests were only $0.19 each! So even if I do test 4 times, it's still less than $1 wasted (or, hopefully not wasted!)

I'm feeling fairly optimistic this cycle, even though it's CD23 and I still don't have a confirmed ovulation date! When it happens, it'll be better late than never, right?!

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