Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CD1 all over again!

This morning my temp was 97.9ºF, which is 0.2 higher than yesterday, but my period finally showed. I'm relieved, mostly, because I knew I wasn't pregnant and I wanted to just have it arrive and be done with. I hated all the waiting around, knowing it was going to come but not sure when. Anyway, that makes another 35 day cycle, and a 13 day LP. I'm not thrilled about the long cycle thing, but my LP length seems to be fine so I'm pleased about that. I just hope that gradually my cycles will shorten to a more reasonable length!

I'm starting the B-complex today, so we'll see what that does (if anything). I'm only taking 1 a day, it's 50 mg of B6 and a whole load of other B vitamins. Apparently you can safely take 200 mg of B6 daily so 50 mg is pretty low I guess. I don't want to start taking loads, so 1 a day will be a good start.

Ugh, I hate my periods!!! I mean, I'm glad it's here, but it's not pleasant. I hate all the cramping and stuff.

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