Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CD35, 13 DPO, still spotting.

Still no period, just spotting. BBT was down again today to 97.7ºF, I didn't bother testing today because I think it's pretty obvious that I'm not pregnant. Today is CD35, 13 DPO. I guess at least since my period hasn't started yet, my LP is OK. Even if it starts today my LP is 12 days, which should be sufficient. My last cycle was also 35 days, I wonder if this one will wind up being the same... Maybe it'll be 34 days, if my period comes today that is.

I'm going to start taking the vitamin B complex in addition to my prenatals when my period starts, which I'm sure will be soon. I was wondering about taking evening primrose oil too, but I'll try the B complex first I think. EPO is supposed to be good for increasing fertile CM, but I seem to get that on my own anyway. I'll keep it in mind anyway. You're only supposed to take it from the start of your period to ovulation, and not use it after ovulation because apparently it can cause uterine contractions which you definitely don't want when you might be pregnant!

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