Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CD8 and majorly confused!

I'm really confused about this cycle! I figured I'd have to wait until at least CD21 to ovulate, based on my previous cycles, but some strange things are happening at the moment! Firstly, I had fertile CM yesterday, then my BBT jumped by 0.5ºF this morning, and now I still have fertile (watery) CM. I find it hard to believe that I could've ovulated already, because going by my temps I would've ovulated yesterday - CD7. Surely not?! I know it's technically possible, but wouldn't that be a little too crazy? I mean, I'd be surprised if I ovulated on CD14, never mind CD7! I did want to have shorter cycles, but I didn't really think this one would be any different to my last.

Now I know that as things stand, ovulation isn't confirmed - for it to show on my charts my temps will have to stay high for 3 days straight. It just seems very strange that my CM is fertile and my BBT jumped so much since yesterday. Of course it's too early to know if I actually have ovulated already, but I'm honestly just baffled by this! We DTD on Sunday night and last night, so if I did ovulate yesterday then we should be covered, but I'm struggling to believe it's even possible really. The only difference this cycle is that I'm taking the B-50 complex. I know that's supposed to regulate your hormones but I thought it would take a month at least to have any noticeable effect. Surely it can't have done so much in 8 days, can it?

I should make it clear that if I am ovulating early I'm definitely not complaining (it sucks having to wait more than 3 weeks to even be in the 2 week wait, hehe) but I do worry that if that's the case there won't be enough uterine lining for a fertilized egg to implant... assuming that we do conceive, of course.

I should also say that I'm not expecting us to be successful this cycle, because we'll have a lot going on with our new house (we should get the keys in, oh, 18 days - damn, I'd better start packing!!!). Moving house is super stressful, so I don't hold out too much hope for this cycle really. That's not to say that I won't be thrilled if we do conceive this time - I'd be absolutely over the moon, we both would! :-)

Hubby is likely going to have to go to Wisconsin for a week-long business trip soon, so I hope that doesn't coincide with ovulation... Knowing my luck it probably will! Unless it's already happened, or is about to happen. I haven't had any ovulation cramps yet and last cycle they were pretty painful, so that's another reason I'm doubtful about ovulating so soon - unless this cycle is just going to be completely different to my previous ones! Right now I really don't know what to think, it's very odd. I wonder if my BBT yesterday was a fluke, it was 97.3 and today it was 97.8. I take it at exactly the same time every day, hubby wakes me up passing me the thermometer, so I'm not doing anything before taking my temps. I always get plenty of sleep beforehand too... What I'm saying is they should be accurate.

Here's my chart anyway, as it stands today:

I'm interested to see how this turns out, if it really is true that I've already ovulated I'll be extremely shocked! It's probably going to turn out to be 2 flukes (1 the CM, 2 the BBT reading). If I have ovulated though, on CD7, this cycle should be way shorter than my last 2 which were both 35 days! In that case this one would be something like 20 days, which is ridiculously short!

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