Saturday, September 10, 2011

Coverline changed!

When I updated my charts this morning, my CTP chart changed the coverline. I knew that was a possibility - now it's gone to 97.6ºF (from 97.4). My temp this morning was 97.8ºF, and it's the highest temp I've had in 27 days. Here's my chart as it looks now:

I guess we should probably DTD today, just in case. We would've been doing it every other day at least but moving house was exhausting, and we were so busy, that we missed a couple of days. Oh well - it can't be helped. I'll just be glad if I ovulate this cycle, honestly. I'm pretty sure that the stress of moving messed my cycle up, but I don't want this cycle to go on for like 70 days! Hopefully I've either O'd or I'll O soon and then my LP will be around 14 days and then I'll either get my period or a BFP - preferably a BFP, of course! :-)

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