Sunday, September 11, 2011

I ovulated?

My temp was down this morning and I was disappointed, thinking that I must not have ovulated. Well, when I got up I put my data into my charts and apparently, FF thinks I ovulated 3 days ago. I'm happy about that of course but I have to say I don't really believe it, lol. I wouldn't be too surprised if tomorrow's temp changes that, and the cross-hairs on my chart disappear. Hopefully that won't happen but we'll see! My CTP chart hasn't detected ovulation yet, despite having the same information. I thought that with today's temp my CTP chart would change the coverline, but it didn't. Maybe tomorrow it will detect O.

So unless anything changes, I'm 3 DPO today. That means that in about a week I can start testing. I'm not expecting to get pregnant this month, because I've ovulated so late and our timing wasn't exactly great this time. Last cycle our timing was rated "very good" and this time it's just "good", but I know it only takes 1 little swimmer to do the job! Haha.

Honestly, looking at how crazy my chart has been this cycle, I don't think I believe FF's interpretation. I think it's been so long that I've kinda resigned myself to thinking I won't O this cycle, so now that it says I have I'm in disbelief. I guess I'm cautiously optimistic, but we'll have to see what happens over the next few days - hopefully my temps will be way up so there won't be any doubt! :-)

By the way, the cross-hairs have now changed from solid lines to dotted lines (I assume that's because I put some additional data in - CP, CM).

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