Friday, November 18, 2011


So I was really down about this cycle. Then this morning my temp shot up by 0.7ºF and when I updated my charts, FF decided that I ovulated 15 days ago on CD14. Huh. I disagree, I'm pretty sure it'll change its mind tomorrow! If I have ovulated, it must have been yesterday, surely? FF did this to me last cycle too, decided randomly on CD25 that I'd ovulated on CD11. Yeah. Well, no, I ovulated on CD24 actually. This must be another one of those instances, I guess.

However, if it's right and I did ovulate on CD14, then I could be pregnant. I'm not going to let myself contemplate that though, because I really don't think it's got it right this time. Last cycle I took a test when it decided I was 14DPO but of course it was negative, because I actually was only 1DPO. That's not gonna happen again this time! Hopefully in a couple of days my chart will say I ovulated on CD28 as I think I did. If my temp stays up there, then it's pretty obvious isn't it? If it's a one-off high temp, then I guess it's a fluke.

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