Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10dpo today :)

I should know in the next couple of days whether we're in with a good chance this cycle. Usually I start spotting at 11dpo (although last month that didn't happen) and since I've been charting, my temp has always dropped pretty significantly at 12dpo. If that happens then I guess I'm out again. If my temp stays high at 12dpo it's probably a good sign. The best sign (other than a positive pregnancy test) would be missing my period - I really hope it doesn't come! Well, that's stating the obvious!

I feel kind of crampy, very bloated, gassy and tired. This morning I had a 90 minute hot stone massage - I wasn't sure whether to have it or wait until I get my period, but I figured the chances are it would be fine and more likely than not there's nothing to affect anyway. I've been testing every day since 8dpo (way too early, I know!) and all of my tests have been negative. I honestly don't expect anything else at this point - sure, I really hope for my BFP, but it never surprises me when all I get is negatives. After last month I'm not getting my hopes up!

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