Friday, March 30, 2012

Somewhere around 3 dpo...

According to my chart, I'm 3 dpo today. The cross-hairs are dotted, though - I still have fertile CM so it's not sure. Right now it says I ovulated CD21, but I was thinking it happened CD22 so I guess we'll see in another day or two if the interpretation changes.

I've been feeling quite defeated with the whole TTC thing recently. For some reason it really hit me hard when we weren't successful with my last cycle. I don't know why that was harder than previous times, but it was. I haven't given up (clearly!) but I don't think I'm expecting anything at all now. I think if I ever do get my BFP I'll be completely shocked, LOL.


Our last (4th) foster pug, Hudson, was adopted on Saturday 3/24. We'd had him 5 and a half weeks - that seems to be about average for all the fosters we've had before! He got a wonderful home with lovely people, and that's all I ever want for them all.

Sunday was the big pug rescue fundraiser, and it was crazy busy! All our former foster pugs, save for Hudson, were there! It was so nice to see them all; Cheko (still really timid, freaked out by all the people etc, but looking great otherwise!), Max (the one who stole my heart - also looking great!) and Tien Ping (fabulous as ever!). Cheko's name now is Mayhem (it's ironic!), Max is still Max (or Maxwell!) and Tien Ping is now Ollie. When my hubby told me Max was there (I was in the adoption room), my heart sank. He's the one who broke my heart, I so wanted to keep him. Gosh, even just writing that made me cry! I was happy to see him, of course, but I'm so glad I didn't break down (I thought I might). The people who adopted him are so nice, though, and I'm so happy he's got a great life now with people who adore him. It's a single dad with 3 kids, 10 through 16, and they're lovely. They won a basket of awesome pug cookies in the raffle, and they came and gave me one! I was so touched, it was really sweet of them :)

We already had our next fosters when Hudson went to his next home. Yep, I said fosters, plural! Thursday (3/22) an email plea went out for someone to take these two older pugs in, because their last foster home fell through. They've been with pug rescue for 2 months already, and we've seen them at some of the events. Well, I managed to persuade my hubby to agree to taking them in. At that point we still had Hudson, so we had 5 dogs here which was a shock to the system! These 2 are so sweet and easy-going, thank goodness. They're a bonded pair who have been together for 6 years, so they'll have to be adopted together. Milo is coming up 9 years old and Lilly is coming up 7 years old. Milo is a pug mix, possibly pug-basset hound or pug-beagle (puggle) - he has short legs, big feet and a long body (and long-ish snout!). Lilly is full pug. They're both adorable, we love them! Originally we were only fostering until the big fundraiser, but since they fit in so well here I asked if we could foster until they're adopted. Of course that wasn't a problem - we're inundated with pugs needing foster homes right now, and it's harder to place a pair than one dog on its own. Sadly that's the case for getting them adopted, too: it's likely they'll be with us a while. Milo currently has an anal gland infection so he's on antibiotics for that, and he badly needs a dental so he'll get that done in April when his infection has cleared up. He needs a few teeth pulling at least - they're really bad. I bet he'll feel great afterward, when he doesn't have any pain anymore (he doesn't appear to be in any pain now, but I bet he is with those wobbly bad teeth).

Lilly & Milo are just the cutest couple, though! They were given up by their owner because she was dating a guy who "didn't like them", so she married him anyway and had to surrender the dogs. Nice, huh? At least she did the right thing for them, and didn't just turn them out on the street. I don't know how anybody could not like these two, though!

Here they are at the adoption event we had on St. Patrick's Day, wearing festive bandanas I made for all the pugs (Lilly on the left, Milo on the right).

I hope they get adopted soon, but we're prepared that they might be with us a long time. Sometimes it can be really hard to place a bonded pair, because most people just want to adopt one dog. Plus they're a little older, and that sometimes works against them too. Also, Milo not being "pure pug" might go against them. However, the adoption fee for the pair is what it would normally cost just for Lilly, so hopefully someone will come forward to adopt them. I have to say, Milo is a real sweetie and it breaks my heart when people are super interested in Lilly, only to lose interest when they find out that she's bonded with Milo. He's a lovely boy: I hope someone will see that and give them both a great home!

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