Monday, April 2, 2012

Possible symptom?

I'm 6 dpo today, and this morning I randomly started having pain in my underarms. The right one is way worse than the left. I've never had this before, it feels kind of strange. I actually took off my bra, which seemed to help a little (same bra I wore yesterday, no issues with it whatsoever!).

The rational part of me says: "It's too early to be having any pregnancy symptoms, don't be silly". However, one small part of me is thinking: "Why has this never happened before? It must mean something!"

I know it probably means nothing at all, though. As I was typing I got some stabbing pains in both breasts - not that painful but noticeable. I've had that before, usually in the luteal phase (progesterone does that to me, I guess!) - so I'm not reading anything into that. The underarms, though? Hmmm...

Anyway, I doubt that anything I'm experiencing now is related to pregnancy. At 6 dpo, the chances are that even if we did fertilize an egg, it wouldn't have implanted yet. I don't plan to test until at least 10 dpo, unless something really convincing happens in the meantime.

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