Friday, May 25, 2012

CD15 temp drop

There was no ferning today, but I did find out I incorrectly recorded the ferning I did get on CD12 and CD13. I recorded it as partial ferning but it should have been full ferning. I've corrected that now, not that it makes much difference!

I feel as though I'm going to ovulate soon. My temp dropped this morning and that can be a sign of impending ovulation. It could also just be nothing, LOL.

If I do ovulate today or tomorrow, then I guess the microscope was accurate at predicting my fertile time. It's supposed to show ferning through ovulation though, so at this point I'm kind of skeptical. I will give it a chance, though. I'm going to use it every day, even when I'm on my period, just to see what it looks like. If nothing else, it's interesting. It's not like I'm relying on it anyway, I'm going by everything I usually use to determine the window of opportunity - this is just an additional thing. I do want it to be accurate, so I'll be disappointed if it isn't. We'll see!

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