Friday, June 22, 2012

Got my results today...

I had my follow-up appointment with my gynecologist today. All of my test results came back great! Nothing is wrong at all, so there's no reason why I'm not getting pregnant. I was kind of surprised that my test results were so good - I really thought something would be an issue! My glucose test came back perfectly normal, as did all my hormone tests. I didn't realize they tested for cholesterol and all of that - all of those came back perfectly normal too. I thought I might be diagnosed with mild PCOS or something, but no.

Anyway, my gynecologist said that if I wanted to take Clomid she would prescribe it for me. I don't see the point in taking it when I ovulate regularly on my own - if it ain't broke, don't fix it. She agreed, but said if I get really frustrated and change my mind she'd prescribe it for 3 months. She recommended continuing to try until the end of the year and then seeing her again if nothing happens by then. She seemed hopeful that we could probably conceive in that time, so fingers crossed. She did give me a card for a reproductive endocrinologist, so I can call them and schedule an appointment with them if I want to. I'm going to hold off for a while, because I really want to see if we can just do this on our own.

I asked about getting a progesterone test done and she gave me an order for it. She said to come in on CD23 for it (hopefully I'll have ovulated by then). She said that my husband's semen analysis results look great, but that she'll ask one of her colleagues who specializes in them to take a look at his results just to be 100% sure. His count, motility and morphology were all higher than average, so she's happy with it. It'll be nice to get an 'expert' opinion though, I guess.

So that's it: there's no reason why we shouldn't be conceiving. I am happy that everything came back normal, of course, but I'm a little confused because I feel as though we should have conceived by now if everything's normal! I guess we'll just keep trying and see what happens. I'm "only" 28 so we do have time (theoretically) to pursue other options later on if we need to.

Last night I had the weirdest dream. My husband texted me to tell me I was pregnant and apparently he'd done the test with my urine sample. Weird! Then I came home and got mad at him because he'd left the pregnancy tests in the pee container and they were ruined. I got pissed because he'd used my last First Response Early Result test and we'd have to go buy more! Oh and when he told me I was pregnant, he said we'd need to decide what we were going to do about it! As if it was unplanned or something! [even if it was, he wouldn't want me to terminate anyway - I think I knew I was dreaming while I was dreaming, if you know what I mean. Other crazy pregnancy dreams I've had made me sad when I woke up, because they felt so real and I was so bummed when I woke up and wasn't pregnant. This one, I woke up smirking about how ridiculous the whole dream was!]
Like I said, very weird. 


This afternoon we went for lunch, then did some shopping. I wanted to get a dress or 2 for our vacation. I ended up with 3 dresses and a cover-up to wear by the pool (I hate wearing a swimsuit so it'll help to hide my wobbly bits when I'm not in the pool, haha!) and then I got 2 pairs of shoes (wedge sandals). I love everything I got, and the best thing is that it was all a bargain. We went to Burlington and I got the 3 dresses and the cover-up for $60. My shoes were $35 in total (for 2 pairs) from another store. Awesome! I usually hate shopping for dresses, but the 3 I got are great . They don't cling to the wrong places; they're actually flattering and pretty! I'm so excited about them because usually when I'm clothes shopping I have a hard time finding stuff I like that actually looks good on me. I'm not super obese or anything, but I'm no supermodel either. I'm 5ft 8 and pretty well proportioned, but I hate my belly and certain styles of dresses accentuate the bits I want to hide! This is why I live in shorts and tank tops most of the year (jeans and T-shirts in the winter, LOL). It's unusual for me to find exactly what I'm looking for and have it fit well and look great. When I do find what I want and it looks good, I'm thrilled! :-)

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