Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back to reality!

Our little vacation was awesome. Pure bliss! It had us both saying we should have gone there for our honeymoon (we went to San Diego - it was cool but we were busy almost all the time - this was so relaxing, just what we needed!)

There was a little issue when we checked in - they didn't have the room we paid for available. We had to accept a downgrade for the first night (Saturday), and they gave us a voucher to use on food and drinks. On Sunday we got the room we were supposed to have, which was amazing! We had a king suite, close to one of the medium pools. It was just wonderful!

The resort was quite busy Saturday and Sunday, but Monday and Tuesday were nice and quiet. We were there until lunchtime yesterday, and spent the morning in and around the pool. Even when the resort was busy we still managed to get the pool to ourselves a few times. There's one big pool, 2 medium pools and a few little pools (the resort is big!). We spent most of our time in the medium and small pools because the big pool was busy and loud most of the time.

This vacation was just what we needed. We enjoyed each other without the distractions of daily life, and that's priceless. As much as we love our dogs, it was great to have a break. They all had a wonderful time, I don't think they wanted to come home! Our two went to a fun dog boarding place and played with other dogs almost all day every day, and our two fosters went to a vacation foster home. The family they stayed with really wanted to keep them, they obviously made a great impression and behaved themselves! :)

We're planning to go on another vacation in October, maybe for 4 or 5 days depending on how long my husband can get off from work in one go. We'll try one of the other resorts within easy driving distance of our house. The lack of real traveling involved was awesome - no long drives and no flights! Perfect!

Us enjoying the pool


Fire pit (even though it was over 100 degrees out!)

View from the resort

Big beach ball

Pretty fountain

One of the medium pools (empty, yay!)

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