Monday, June 18, 2012


I just got home from having my HSG, and I'm so happy to say that everything looked normal! I was almost convinced there was going to be some kind of blockage, but no, it was great. Such a relief! I spent a while chatting to the X-ray tech because I used to do her job back in England, and she was so nice. I asked her if I could take some pics of my HSG images and she made me a CD with all of them on. Awesome!

The procedure itself wasn't at all bad, just a little uncomfortable but not painful. It wasn't much worse than having a pap smear, honestly. I'm having some spotting now but other than that I feel fine. I had some mild cramping when the radiologist inserted the balloon and pushed the dye through, but it was nothing compared with the cramps I get when I have my period.

Anyway, here are some of my images (with identifying information removed, of course!)

Uterus and both fallopian tubes

View of right fallopian tube (with dye spilling out)

View of left fallopian tube (with dye spilling out)

So this is what we know so far:
  • My husband's semen analysis and blood-work came back awesome
  • My HSG looked great
  • My blood work for estrogen and thyroid are presumably OK (I haven't been able to get a copy of those yet, but the lab tech said that I would have been contacted if there was anything wrong)
  • My glucose tolerance test results should be available in a couple of days, and I'll ger a call if there's a problem.
As yet, our infertility is unexplained. Of course, there could be a reason that hasn't been discovered yet. Maybe we'll know more soon. Better yet, maybe I'll be pregnant soon. That seems like wishful thinking, and I definitely won't allow myself to get my hopes up, but maybe it will happen.

I can't wait until our little vacation. We need it so badly!

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