Monday, June 18, 2012


Checked in for my HSG and glucose testing - told the front desk staff what I was here for. Had first blood draw, drank the glucose drink. Went back to front desk to ask where I need to go for HSG and they tell me it's not scheduled. Huh??? I called a week ago to schedule it! So it turns out the dumbass I spoke to on the phone (and in person at my last appointment) gave me completely the wrong info. I was told to call this office to schedule both the HSG and glucose testing. I did. Nobody said anything when I called to do so. Nobody said anything when I checked in.

So, they gave me a paper referral and I had to call a radiology office. Thank God they gave me an appointment for this afternoon. I know it's going to be OK in the end but it's beyond frustrating that I asked all these questions and the idiots gave me complete misinformation. I was surprised when they said to just call this office to schedule the HSG, but you kind of expect people to know stuff if it's their job. Evidently they should have given me this piece of paper last time I was here. I tried to be polite but I told them it's frustrating when I did what they told me to do and it ended up being wrong. The girls working on the front desk clearly didn't give a shit about what I said. I think I'm going to write a complaint, they're messing people around. I'm just so glad that I'm still able to get the HSG done today, though. I'm psyched up for it and need it to be done with, whatever the results...

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