Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I think it finally happened!

It looks like I probably ovulated yesterday (CD22). Better late than never! I was seriously starting to wonder if it was going to happen at all this cycle. According to FertilityFriend, my average ovulation day is CD21 (earliest CD17, latest CD28) but the past few months it's happened fairly early for me and I guess I expected the same this time around! Anyway, hopefully in a couple of days I'll get confirmation on my chart. Fingers crossed!

I had a headache and felt so nauseous yesterday afternoon, I had to take a nap. I feel that way now too, but it's not as bad thank goodness. I guess it's due to hormones (progesterone). I don't usually feel that way around ovulation but if there's one thing I've learned on this journey, it's that my cycles (and symptoms) can vary a lot! I think I've had almost every "pregnancy" symptom in the book since we started TTC, but of course I've never been pregnant. In the beginning I would get excited thinking that something must be happening, but now? Not so much! :)

The weirdest thing happened this morning when I used my microscope. I collected the sample as normal, messed about with my phone while it dried and then looked at the pattern. There was lots of ferning. I got my phone camera ready to take some photos, and when I looked again there was no ferning! I kept looking all around the slide, adjusting the focus, and eventually found a very small area with ferns. As I was looking at it, the ferns disappeared before my eyes! How bizarre. I can only assume that the sample wasn't 100% dry when I first looked, and the light dried it the rest of the way which caused the ferns to disappear. Very odd to see, though! I recorded it on my chart as "no ferning" - I figured that was the right thing to do since the ferns all disappeared.

I'm contemplating buying some cheap OPKs for my next cycle (if I don't get my BFP this time). I've never used them before, they might be useful. We almost bought some at Target the other day, but we put them back. At that point I was just super frustrated that I hadn't ovulated yet, but we cover our bases when it comes to having sex and I knew that buying the OPKs wouldn't magically make me ovulate. It's like buying loads of HPTs - sadly, that doesn't magically make you get pregnant! I wish it did, we'd have a baby by now if that worked!

I'm thinking positive, and hoping beyond hope that this time we'll get lucky. I know that compared to many couples we haven't been trying all that long, but these past 13 months have felt like an eternity to me!

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