Thursday, July 5, 2012

I definitely ovulated! :)

I'm currently 3 dpo! I really thought I might not ovulate this cycle, so I'm very happy that I did. It's only the first hurdle though, of course. I'm sure the next 10 days or so are going to go by so slowly; the 2 week wait tends to be that way! We're both hopeful that this time I might end up being pregnant, but we know that only time will tell.

I think I'm clinging to the small hope that the HSG will have worked like magic, and it'll make all the difference. Ridiculous, I know! So many women say they got pregnant right after having a HSG, but I don't really expect it to make a difference for us when I think about it logically. It's nice to dream, but it's usually better to be realistic. 

My period is due the day after the first adoption event I'm running... I hope my LP is its usual 13 days so it doesn't come early! Yikes. The event is only for a few hours, but I don't want to be having agonizing cramps during that time. The best scenario is obviously that my period won't come at all, but that's clearly wishful thinking! 

Speaking of the event, we're going to collect pens for it at the weekend from the lady in charge of the rescue. She's fostering an adorable 12 week old pug puppy, and he loves to play so we're taking our pug (Suzie) with us so they can wear each other out! I wish we could have the puppy, he's only 4 pounds and super cute. I know we can't have him - we have enough on our plates with our girls and our 2 fosters. He's highly adoptable, being a puppy and all - so he'll get a great home when the right person comes along. Still, I'm definitely looking forward to some puppy cuddles! :)

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