Monday, August 6, 2012

8 dpo / proud of my pug baby!

Today I'm 8 dpo, so it's still too early to test of course! I'm definitely feeling something, though - even if it is just because of progesterone. I've had sore boobs and nausea since yesterday, but I don't want to get too excited because this kind of thing has happened before and I wasn't pregnant. I really hope this time it will be different, though! I've also been super tired even though I've been sleeping well. Again, probably just progesterone at this point at least. I know that if what I'm experiencing really is due to pregnancy, I should get a BFP; I just don't want to test yet because the chances of a positive at 8 dpo are so small! I have lots of cheap tests, but I want to wait until 10 dpo to test I think. That's still early, I know, but it's better than 8 dpo!

My chart looks OK I think. I had a little bit of spotting today but I think I caused it. (I think I caught something with my nail when I checked my cervix... oops!)

I'm hoping my temp will go up again soon, or at least stay up there in the higher range.

We had some awesome news yesterday. In a nutshell, our pug Suzie has been in the pug rescue's Cutest Pug Contest. Well, we knew she was going to go out in the last round (it ended Saturday night) because the bottom 3 were going out and she was #18 of the 18 left! We were honestly fine with it, we still voted for her because all the money raised goes to the pug rescue we volunteer with, so it's for a great cause. Well, she ended up going out as we expected. No worries, she raised $524 for the rescue and since we have another fund who will match donations, that equals $1048. We were really pleased that she'd done so well and thought that was the end of it. Wrong! There's an option to "buy back" pugs who have just left the contest, and a lady we don't even know used that option to bring Suzie back! At this stage in the contest it costs $1000 to do that, so she spent $1000 getting our "baby" back in! Nobody has ever done that before, it's a first in the history of the contest. Now she's in second place and we're seriously shocked even now, a whole day later!

The top 12 each get a page in the 2013 calendar, and the winner of the contest gets to be on the front cover as well. At the moment there are more than 200 votes separating Suzie from the number 1 pug, but that could change! We'll obviously be thrilled to have her in the calendar at all, but if she won the whole thing that would be awesome! The top 12 will be decided with this round of voting, but she should definitely be in it! We couldn't be happier with this news, it's truly wonderful! :)

Hopefully we'll get some more amazing news soon, too, in the form of a nice strong BFP. A girl can hope, right?!


  1. Is there a link to vote?! I'd vote for her, my two boy pugs think shes a cutie!!
    Yes, I'd say wait, don't be like me .... now I'm waiting tip Wednesday ... good luck!!!!

    1. Hi Ali! The link is:
      I used the same pic as my profile pic! Suzie would be very grateful for the votes! :)

      Good luck to you too, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for us both! xoxo