Sunday, October 21, 2012

Still trying to decide

We're still undecided about the NT scan. I'm not sure my reasons for wanting to have it are good enough, you know? Really I just want to see our baby again, looking more baby-like. I'd also like to know what's happening with my subchorionic hematoma. Sass ( had a good suggestion about the SCH - that I should ask for a follow-up ultrasound to check on it. I'm going to call my OB and ask if that would be possible. I feel as though she's probably going to say no, but it's worth a shot. At my appointment I asked if I could just have a regular ultrasound around 12 weeks (not the NT scan), and she said no. I don't really want to get the NT scan just so we can find out about the SCH, but I have a feeling that might be our only option - unless my OB surprises me by agreeing to another regular ultrasound. That would be the best solution, really. I'd prefer not to do the NT scan because I know it can cause a lot of stress and worry. A regular ultrasound, though? That would be awesome!

I've had some more spotting today. I hate that, it makes my heart sink every single time. I always worry that it's going to be the start of something worse... This is the 10th episode of spotting since I've been pregnant, so it's not like it's happening all the time. I feel OK, so hopefully it's just one of those things.

As far as symptoms go I'm mainly just really tired, and I'm still having some on and off nausea. I've been very lucky in that respect, though; I fully expected to have full-on morning sickness, and so far I haven't actually thrown up at all. Being super tired is a breeze compared to puking all the time, I'm sure. I've been having some food aversions, but that's easy enough to handle too. My regular jeans and shorts are starting to get pretty uncomfortable, so I think I'll be buying some maternity jeans soon. I know it sounds crazy saying my shorts aren't fitting right, because we're getting towards the end of October - the truth is, we're still waiting for our high temps to drop below 85. It looks like it might be 84 tomorrow - that would be wonderful! I know I shouldn't complain because it's probably cold in most places now, but the summer here is brutal and this year it started earlier than usual. I know it's been Fall for like a month already, but you wouldn't know it here! I'm actually looking forward to wearing sweaters again!


  1. Sorry that you're still spotting. I hope that your OB will let you have the u/s to check on the SCH and for peace of mind with the continued spotting. :(

    1. Thank you!! The spotting has stopped again, so hopefully everything is fine. It would definitely be reassuring to get the SCH checked out though!