Tuesday, December 11, 2012

OB appointment later today

It's finally 12/11, the date of my next OB appointment. Right now I'm feeling kind of anxious to hear our baby's heartbeat again. Sometimes I wish I would've just bought a freakin' doppler earlier in my pregnancy. Alas, I convinced myself it could turn into some kind of obsession or could even cause more anxiety if I couldn't locate the heartbeat for some reason. Thus, no home doppler for me. I'm still tempted to get one at times, but I'm almost 18 weeks and will hopefully be feeling the baby move soon.

I think I've been feeling flutters every now and then, which would be reassuring if I could be certain they were the baby moving! I'm fairly convinced that it is the baby I've been feeling, but because they're small movements and not obvious kicks, I'm going to feel more reassured when I hear the heartbeat again this afternoon. I have no reason whatsoever to doubt that everything is fine, but I'm still looking forward to hearing that little galloping noise! :)

I get to schedule our anatomy scan today, too! We're looking forward to having a date for that, because it's always exciting to see our baby and we're hoping to get good news that everything looks great. Also, we'll hopefully find out if we're having a boy or a girl! :) Neither of us has a preference, we'll be thrilled either way. It'll be nice to find out though!

Lately I've been experiencing some kind of lower back/hip pain. It's not constant, it feels like it's probably muscular in origin because it only happens when I do certain things: getting out of the car, standing up from sitting, shifting position in a chair, those kind of things. I don't think it's sciatica, but I'll mention it to my OB anyway. I wouldn't want to take anything for it, but maybe she can suggest some exercises or stretches that might help. We took the pugs for a long walk yesterday and it did seem to help a little. Now that it's finally actually cold here in the desert (high of 66 today, yay!) we can get out and about with the dogs more often. Granted we only took 2 of the 5 yesterday; our newest foster just had surgery last Wednesday (spay, nostril widening and soft palate shortening - to help with her incredibly loud labored breathing). She needs to rest a little longer before being too active, so she gets to stay home. We used to walk all 4 (our 2 plus our 2 long-term fosters) together, but recently it hasn't been so appealing! The last thing I need is to be pulled in 2 different directions while my center of gravity is shifting, haha.

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