Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update on OB appointment

My appointment this afternoon went pretty well for the most part. I found out I gained a whopping 5 pounds since my last appointment (more than I thought - I figured maybe 3 pounds). That puts my total pregnancy weight gain at 8 pounds so far, at almost 18 weeks. I don't think that's too bad really. My OB didn't say anything about it, so it must be OK.

It took quite a while to find the heartbeat with the doppler; it felt like forever, honestly. I was starting to get worried when suddenly there it was, loud and clear. Thank goodness! Hubby recorded it on my phone and it was about 156 bpm. It sounded great! :)

Now for the potentially bad news: they found white blood cells in my urine sample. I have absolutely no symptoms whatsoever of a UTI, so I was pretty surprised by that. My OB said she'll get it cultured and let me know if I need to be treated. She said it could be nothing to worry about, it could be that some discharge got in there and that's why there are white blood cells there. Gross, I know, and probably way TMI, but there you have it. Hopefully it's nothing to worry about, and if it is a UTI then at least it's been picked up and I'll get treated.

My blood pressure was on the high side again today, which is honestly no surprise to me. I'm sure that it rises when I go for an appointment! It's something I have no control over but knowing that they're going to take my BP makes me irrationally anxious. I try to relax but it doesn't help much. The first reading was 140/70, and they checked it again at the end of my appointment (after telling me about my potential UTI) and it was 140/82. I know that's high, but I'm pretty sure it's not like that when I'm going about my normal business. They'll continue to monitor me since I'm not having any red flag symptoms - terrible headache, blurred vision, lights in front of my eyes etc.

Last piece of news - our anatomy ultrasound is scheduled for January 2nd! I'll be 20 weeks 6 days along by then, so the tech should be able to get a good look at everything they need to see. I was hoping to get the ultrasound a week earlier, but there wasn't anything available. Waiting an extra week won't kill me, though! So 3 weeks tomorrow we'll see our baby again. So exciting! :)


  1. Congrats! What a great thing to look forward to after the holidays :)

    1. Thanks, Sass! We're both very excited about seeing the baby again! Not long now until you meet your baby in the flesh - I'm so excited for you and BG! :)