Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Please, no!

Back in 2003, I had surgery on a pilonidal cyst. It's basically a cyst that forms at the base of your spine, near your coccyx (tail bone). Well, I'm pretty sure the damn thing is back. I started having pain there on Sunday, and Sunday night I noticed the area was red and a bit swollen. Yesterday I tried to help it by not sitting down much, but it got worse anyway. Last night I didn't sleep well at all, I woke up in pain at 1:30 a.m. and was awake a couple of hours. I sleep on my left side, so I wasn't putting direct pressure on it. I tried using my hot water bottle and that did provide some temporary relief, but not much.

Anyway, my lovely hubby called and made me an appointment with my OB for tomorrow morning. They didn't have anything today. He tried our family doctor first, but when he told them my history they said I needed to see my OB. I'm not sure she will be able to do anything either, but I really hope she can. Maybe some antibiotics would help... maybe not. It probably needs to be lanced - I have no idea what kind of doctor would do that. My surgery was in the UK and the healthcare system is very different over there. I just hope someone can help me ASAP, without causing our baby any harm. I don't think surgery is an option while I'm pregnant (at least not surgery under general anesthesia, anyway). Maybe local anesthesia would be OK, though.

Why did this have to happen now? The timing is terrible! I really didn't expect a recurrence almost 10 years after my first bout of this horrid thing, that's for sure. And during pregnancy? It really sucks.


  1. I feel your pain...literally. I had one of those about 6yrs ago. It was awful. I hope you can find some relief. You poor thing :(

    1. Thanks, Star. I'm sorry you had one of these awful things too! I can't get comfortable regardless of what I do, it's infuriating! Just hope my OB can do something to help tomorrow.