Thursday, December 13, 2012

Relief :)

After my OB appointment on Tuesday I couldn't stop wondering about my blood pressure. I was pretty sure my high readings were due to feeling anxious at my appointments, but I couldn't help thinking "what if it really is that high all the time?"

So to ease my anxiety, we went and bought a BP monitor. I used it 3 times last night - all normal readings (in fact one was a little low). I've used it twice today - both normal readings! OK, so I'm fine. Thank goodness! Big sigh of relief over here :)

I've been feeling the baby move quite a bit since last night. Lying in bed last night the baby was very active, I felt lots of fluttering and little jabs. I don't think it can be felt from the outside yet, but hopefully soon! I'm looking forward to my hubby being able to feel it.

In other news, someone may be interested in adopting Lilly & Milo, the foster pugs we've had almost 9 months! I'm excited for them, but I will admit it made me cry a lot thinking about them leaving us. I really want them to get a wonderful home, but they've been with us such a long time (they're our longest fosters - before them, our longest was like 5 weeks!). It'll be hard to let them go, but of course we will when the time comes. Anyway keep your fingers crossed for them, they really do deserve a great forever home! :)

Lilly & Milo snoozing :)

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