Friday, March 1, 2013

Success at last!

On Wednesday we went for our redo of the 3D ultrasound. Baby was still breech, but he was wide awake and a lot more cooperative than last week! The ultrasound tech spent about an extra 30 minutes with us - well into her lunch break - which we really appreciated. We went back an hour later to collect our photo book and CD, so we took her a card and some nice chocolates to say thanks. She really went above and beyond for us. Baby was being quite difficult even though he did better than at our first attempt! She got some good pictures and videos in the end :)

After the ultrasound I found out I passed my 3-hour glucose test - thank goodness! That's such a huge relief. Before the ultrasound we went to IHOP for breakfast (my hubby took a few vacation days this week) and while we were there I was thinking how if I failed the 3-hour test that might be my last yummy meal, LOL. Baby must have enjoyed it, he was so active during the ultrasound!

I can hardly believe my baby shower is this Sunday - OMG. I need to figure out some hostess gifts - 3 of them. I really don't know what to get, but I can't spend too much money.

Oh, our kitchen situation is mostly resolved now. We need to get the wood under the cabinets replaced, but that's not urgent. My mom and stepdad insisted on buying us a new dishwasher - they didn't buy us a wedding or housewarming gift, which we'd completely forgotten about, so that worked out great! It arrived on Monday and is awesome! :)

On Monday night our latest foster pug was adopted. We only had him 9 days, that's a record for an adoption from our house!

The same day our dresser arrived for the nursery. It's really starting to take shape now! I bought some wall decals with owls and woodland animals etc. to put on the closet doors. We have textured walls so the only place I can put them is the closet doors! I haven't started with them yet but I think they should look pretty good. Hopefully they'll break up some of the whiteness of the room!

When I get to my laptop I'll add some pics from the 3D ultrasound and the nursery :)

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