Sunday, June 26, 2011

13 DPO

I feel better today, I'm not dwelling on that silly dream anymore! I know it was kinda silly but it just felt so real and that's why I was upset.

Today I should be 13 DPO, I kinda wanted to take a HPT this morning but I resisted the urge. I'm going to take one first thing tomorrow morning though, 14 DPO. My period should come soon if I'm not pregnant. I haven't had any spotting whatsoever since my last period, and I'm having occasional cramps but they're not bad.

I'm still really bloated and gassy but I haven't been having many headaches these past few days (I do have a mild one now though). I'm still tired and I have really mild nausea at times, but nothing awful. My boobs feel pretty much normal and I don't have backache right now. So I don't have lots of pregnancy symptoms at the moment, which makes me think I'm probably not pregnant. However, some people don't really have any symptoms at this early stage and since I've never been pregnant before I don't know how it'll be for me. I don't feel confident that I'll get a BFP tomorrow, though - I'm really just expecting another BFN. I'd be so happy if I did get a BFP, I'd be over the moon. I just don't think this is our month, but that's OK - we've only just started TTC, after all.

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