Thursday, July 14, 2011


I had some light spotting yesterday, which could be ovulation spotting. It's stopped now. I read about it and apparently it can happen 2-3 days prior to ovulation, so perhaps I'll ovulate today or tomorrow. I haven't had any BBT rise yet, so it hasn't happened yet. The day after ovulation is when you get a significant temperature rise, so if I ovulate today then I should have a jump on my chart tomorrow. We'll see! My CM has been pretty wet lately too which is a good sign!

We've been DTD a lot lately, so far we've done it on these days:

CD7, CD8, CD9, CD11, CD12, CD13, CD14. We DTD yesterday, CD15, but unfortunately didn't finish so it doesn't really count.

We'll DTD again today, and continue to do so at least every other day until I get a sustained BBT rise.

Sunday was interesting - our A/C broke down in the morning (or perhaps during Saturday night) and we had to go stay with the in-laws until it was fixed on Monday. Our house by lunchtime was unbearably hot! Our dogs can't survive in high heat and to be honest, we were struggling a lot too. So off we went to the in-laws' house, to stay in their guest room. Well, that was an experience! TTC at the in-laws' house, even though we knew I probably wasn't fertile then, was funny. The bed must be the squeakiest bed in the world, ever - that wasn't an option! We ended up DTD on the floor, which was far from comfortable, but we managed! Anyway, I don't think that's how our baby will be conceived... I haven't ovulated yet so it's been too long, really. Would've made for a funny story though!

I'm having intermittent cramping at the moment so I probably am going to ovulate soon. Here's hoping that we're successful this month! :-)

Now, if we were successful and we conceive this cycle, our baby would be due early April. That would be awesome because it won't be too hot here then - I can't imagine how tough it would be to be heavily pregnant in the summer here, I'd much prefer to give birth April-May time than June-September! Of course though, whatever will be will be. However, my friend and her family from the UK are planning to come and visit in April for a couple of weeks, and we've said they can stay with us (providing we have the new house by then - otherwise it would be impossible!). Well, the thing is, if I do get pregnant this cycle and everything goes well, that's not really going to work out is it?! I mean, if I'm due to give birth or have just given birth, we won't be wanting 4 visitors at that time. Plus, if that does happen, hopefully my family would want to come out here. I was talking to my friend on Skype this morning and she was saying that they're still planning on coming over here, they haven't booked anything yet but they're still hoping to come, and at the moment they're trying to sell their house and downsize. I wanted to tell her we're TTC, but I didn't think there was much point because just because we're TTC doesn't mean we necessarily will conceive right away. Maybe we won't conceive for a few months, in which case it would be fine having them to stay in April. On the one hand I did think maybe we should wait to try, but there will always be something that will make timing inconvenient, right? I mean, we have to live our lives for ourselves and not for everyone else. I'm sure my friend will be very happy for us whenever I do get pregnant, even if it kind of causes issues for them visiting. I still feel a little guilty though, but at the moment there's really nothing to tell her. Sure, we're TTC, but we don't have any actual news yet so I don't really see the point of telling people that. Plus, it would only add to the stress if people were asking all the time how it's going!!!!!

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