Tuesday, July 5, 2011


That was a horrible period, but it's over now thank goodness!

Not related to TTC, but we've just had a big disappointment regarding the house we were hoping to buy. We made our offer 3 months ago (it's a short sale) and we found out last Tuesday that our offer had been accepted. We were so excited! Then yesterday we had our inspection done, and it was bad news. There were lots of problems uncovered, not least problems with the foundations which have caused a hump in the floor of one of the bedrooms (the window has shifted too) and electrical wiring problems, plumbing problems and water damage and mold problems. After speaking with our realtor today, who advised us that the bank who owns the property will not do anything about any of these problems, we've withdrawn our offer. We're totally gutted, we were supposed to be closing on the house on July 21st and we couldn't be more disappointed. All that waiting for nothing. We were so looking forward to living there and now we're going to have to start over again, looking at more houses. We have an appointment on Friday to view a few houses, we're just so disappointed and I feel so empty. I haven't been able to eat today, I just feel sick with sadness.

I hope this doesn't interfere with TTC this cycle - I should be fertile from Saturday through to next Wednesday and I'm really hoping this will be our month...

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