Friday, July 22, 2011

CD24 / 1 DPO

Well, I think I did ovulate last night when I was having all that cramping. My BBT this morning was 98.1ºF! That's way higher than it's ever been since I started charting on CD1. My charts won't confirm ovulation until the temps stay high for 3 days, so I'll have to wait and see. I think it's definitely promising though! :-)

I have 2 charts - one on and another on I prefer the latter, the website is much nicer! They both do the job though. I guess it's kind of pointless to have 2 charts but I'm interested to see if they both agree on my ovulation date.

Here's my chart from

Here's my chart from

They show the same information, just in a slightly different way. I had to really tweak the first graph to get it to show up properly, I guess they don't want you copying and pasting it elsewhere! Oops :-)

Last night we DTD again, despite already having done it yesterday afternoon. Hubby was really horny for some reason and I wasn't going to say no! Anyway, if I did ovulate yesterday, which I really think I did, then I'm sure it couldn't hurt.

I feel good about this cycle, I'm glad I've been charting because if I hadn't then I probably would've assumed that I ovulated a week ago and that's clearly not the case. I think we've timed DTD well, too, twice on O day and once 2 days prior to it.

As I said to my gorgeous hubby last night, if we're not successful this cycle then it's certainly not for lack of trying! :-)

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