Saturday, July 23, 2011

CD25 / 2 DPO

My BBT this morning was 98.2ºF, and my charts now state that I ovulated on Wednesday which would make today 3 DPO. I'm pretty sure I ovulated on Thursday though, because of all the cramps I had that night, so I think I'm 2 DPO. Either way, I ovulated! And either way, we timed sex well; both FF and CTP gave me high scores for intercourse timing!

If we conceive this cycle (fingers crossed!) our baby's estimated date of delivery (EDD) will be April 11th or April 12th 2012. Seeing as we live in Phoenix, Arizona, April would be a wonderful month to give birth; I'd much rather be heavily pregnant in the spring than the summer! Whichever way it happens, I'm going to fully embrace pregnancy. It'd just be far more comfortable to be heavily pregnant when it's not 100ºF+!

If I go by my charts and assume I am in fact 3 DPO today, then I'll take my first HPT in 5 days - Thursday July 28th. I know that at only 8 DPO the likelihood of a HPT being positive isn't that high, but I know I won't be able to resist! Just as well I bought the Wondfos in bulk, eh?!

Right now I'm having some little twinges in my pelvic area, it's probably too early for implantation but maybe something positive is happening! :-)

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