Sunday, July 31, 2011


Last night we went over to the inlaws' house for dinner, and hubby and his mom went off for a chat about our new house etc. Well, on our way home he told me she'd asked when we were going to give them grandkids, to which he replied "when we're ready". She then said that he should tell me to get off of the pill so we could get started! If only she knew, haha. I'm so glad he didn't let anything slip - I've been off the pill since May but that's really none of her business, right?!

When we decided to start trying for a baby, we also decided not to tell anyone we were trying. We figured that we could do without the constant barrage of questions we'd get (especially from hubby's mom! lol) and that we'd tell people once there was something to tell them - i.e. when I'm actually pregnant. His parents have made no secret of the fact that they can't wait for us to have kids, which is nice in a way, but I know what his mom is like and if she knew we were actually trying then she'd be a nightmare. I can imagine she'd be asking every week (or every few days!) if I'm pregnant yet, and trying to give us unsolicited 'advice' - and since we don't know how long it's going to take for us to conceive, I don't think we could put ourselves in that position. I mean, what if it takes us a year or more? That's why we didn't want to tell people, because it would only add to the stress - and the pressure, honestly.

Anyway, I'm 11 DPO today, having the same symptoms I've been having for a while now including the cramping. Test this morning was negative (again!). It makes me think I'm probably not pregnant this time, but I know I'm not 'out' until I get my period. I had a bit of a dip on my chart today, it was back to 98.2ºF (yesterday was 98.6, the day before 98.3, the previous 4 days 98.2) which I guess could indicate an implantation dip, but I also know that you can get a dip without being pregnant, or be pregnant with no dip. Also, 1 temperature on its own doesn't mean a whole lot usually.

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