Sunday, July 31, 2011

Uh-oh... (TMI warning!)

This afternoon I started having some spotting... At first it was pink/almost red in color but then it became brown and now there's virtually nothing there. Nothing has made it to my pad, it's only when I wipe that I see it.

I'm really hoping that this isn't a sign of my period coming... Hopefully it's implantation bleeding rather than pre-period spotting. I'm really worried though, I must admit. On the one hand, the spotting coincides with the dip in my temperature this morning, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything - it could be an implantation dip or could be because my period is coming. I'm really hoping my LP is at least 12 days though, and if my period comes today or tomorrow then it won't be (if it comes today, my LP will only be 10 days; if it comes tomorrow, my LP will be 11 days). I'm also concerned that all the cramping I've been having would be 'unexplained' if I'm not pregnant! I mean, why would I cramp for all this time otherwise? Normally I have horrendous cramping during my period and around ovulation, but not for pretty much the whole 2 week wait! The most obvious reason I'm worried is because I'll be really disappointed if we haven't conceived this time (which is kinda silly because we haven't been trying very long at all).

Stating the obvious, my hope is that the spotting is in fact implantation bleeding and that I'll get a BFP in a couple of days when there's enough hCG in my system. Failing that, I hope my period will at least hold off another couple of days so I can rest easy about my LP length.

Ugh... TTC is most definitely an emotional rollercoaster, that's for sure.

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