Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Testing tomorrow...

Yikes, I've been such a bitch this evening! I'm in a bad mood apparently, for no real reason. I blame my hormones! Hubby keeps laughing at me, well, not at me but at the situation. He's really getting into the idea of me being pregnant, every time I have some symptom or other he gets excited! It's cute but I don't want him to get his hopes up too high. Of course that's what I'll end up doing though... I just need him to be level-headed to keep my feet on the ground, I guess!

My bra feels tight which is kinda unusual and I'm still having a lot of mild cramping. I really hope that's a good sign...

I'm kinda nervous about testing in the morning. I'm not expecting it to be positive at only 8 DPO but I'm testing anyway. It would be so awesome to see 2 pink lines... The 2 week wait sucks!

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