Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CD28 / 7 DPO

I'm 7 DPO today. I'm still having mild cramps, I'm still bloated and gassy and really tired. I can't seem to make it through the day without a nap in the afternoon! My nose is a little stuffy on and off and since last night my nipples have been sensitive. I haven't had any spotting or anything, and my BBT was 98.2ºF again this morning which it's pretty much stayed at since 1 DPO. There was one day, I think 4 DPO, when it was 98.1ºF but that's nothing to worry about.

Of course, all these 'symptoms' could just be my hormones, and not pregnancy hormones. I know it's kinda too early to be having true pregnancy symptoms. Implantation can happen as early as 5 DPO though, so it's feasible that could've happened 2 days ago and by the time I test tomorrow morning I could have a BFP! If I do I'm sure it'll be super faint, but a pink line is a line. If it's grey then it's probably an evaporation line or an indent. I'm truly not expecting to see anything other than the control line tomorrow, but I'm curious. It would be so cool if I do get a BFP! If I do I'll still re-test on Saturday (10 DPO) because the line should be darker. Heck, if I get a BFP tomorrow I'll most likely test again Friday, haha. It'd be interesting to compare them side by side and get a photo. I guess if I get a BFP I'll also use a First Response, but maybe not until 10 DPO. Wouldn't it be awful to get a BFP on one test and not on another?! I know that's happened for some women. A lot of people say Wondfos detect pregnancy even earlier than FRERs, but then there are some people who say the opposite. I guess it really depends! I'll stick with the Wondfos at least until later on, anyway.

Fingers crossed this is our cycle!

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