Monday, August 1, 2011

Pretty sure I'm out this cycle...

I'm still spotting (light brown) but my BBT this morning was down to 97.9ºF which is 0.3 lower than yesterday, and 0.7 lower than Saturday... I know that technically you're not out until your period comes, but I'm pretty sure I'm out this cycle. For the hell of it I took another test this morning, which was BFN as expected.

I've just been over to the forum and a few of the people who were having the exact same symptoms as I was got their BFPs today or yesterday, so I'm pretty bummed about everything. I mean I'm happy for those people, but sad for me. I feel like crying right now: I knew I shouldn't have got my hopes up, but I guess I really did. Everything seemed to be timed just right, I was having promising symptoms, and I'm not pregnant. I think TTC really messes with your head. I was definitely having the symptoms I recorded, they weren't in my head, I know that - but now I just feel so silly for thinking I could actually be pregnant. I also feel silly for feeling sad, because this was our first cycle trying properly and I know it's unusual for it to happen right away, but I really hoped it would.

Oh well, hopefully this next cycle will be the one. And hopefully I won't have to wait 22 friggin' days to ovulate this time...

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