Monday, July 30, 2012

Could it be?

Yesterday was CD15 and I had loads of cramping and some spotting. This morning I had a temp rise of 0.4. I think I ovulated - but I don't want to get too excited yet, because in all my 13 months of charting the earliest I've ever O'd is CD17. I know it could be a fluke temp, but I would love it if I ovulated already! My gynecologist said that when I ovulate isn't an issue, but I know some fertility specialists prefer ovulation to happen before CD18. A part of me thinks that somehow we might have a better chance if I ovulate sooner. Who knows? At least it's less waiting - I hate waiting 3 weeks just to ovulate!

Today was a pretty decent day. I talked to one of my best friends on Skype, and then I phoned my cousin and we had a nice long chat. I spoke to his wife first and asked her how the pregnancy is going - everything is fine, so that's good. She must be around 29 or 30 weeks now, the baby is due in the middle of October. I really hope that by then we'll have some happy news of our own to share... I (foolishly) looked up what my EDD would be if we get lucky this cycle, and if it does happen I'd be about 14 weeks along by that time. I know I shouldn't do that to myself, but I do this every month for some reason!

Anyway, I'm happy for them that they're having another baby. I just wish we could be so lucky ourselves. This is one of the things about unexplained infertility - there's no reason to think we won't conceive this cycle (well, aside from the fact that we never have yet), so I guess I should be optimistic. Maybe this cycle will be the one.

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