Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just what I needed: Pug Therapy!

You know, it's funny how things work out sometimes. I was so sad earlier today, but then we took our pugs to the local pet store and they had a little adoption event going on. They had a basset hound, a chihuahua and... a pug! Of course I was wearing a black tank top, thinking that I wouldn't be holding our pugs so the crazy shedding wouldn't be an issue. Well, this little pug at the event (Frank - probably the 18,975,389th pug to be named that!) was so adorable and of course I just had to give him a cuddle. I must have been holding him for close to an hour, he was loving it! He was pulled from the shelter yesterday, so he's had a rough time lately.

He loved our pug girls and they loved him too. I was so tempted to adopt him, believe me... We already have 2 of our own though, and we foster too; if we adopted every pug we wanted, I think we'd end up on that show Animal Hoarders! My hubby isn't open to adopting another, and I know he's right really because vet bills are expensive enough as it is. If it turns out we'll never have kids, then I definitely want to adopt another. The thing is, if we do have a baby 3 dogs will be a lot of work. So while we're TTC we probably shouldn't adopt, but we're definitely sticking with fostering (we love it, it's so rewarding).

Anyway Frank is just the sweetest little guy, and it really lifted my spirits a lot to meet him and love on him. Obviously it doesn't change any of the IF stuff, but it did make me feel a lot better generally. Here he is:

Such a sweetie...

He almost fell asleep on me, he loves cuddles!

What a handsome face!

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