Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mississippi? Really? =/

My husband found out yesterday that he's going to have to go away on business, to Mississippi of all places. Ugh! He had a list of proposed dates, he has to go for 2 separate weeks and it'd be one week there, a week home and then another week there. We looked at my ovulation calendars and it turns out he could go for one combination out of the three given, without interfering with our chances. Normally I'd just say we could have a break for a cycle - in fact I was about to say that, but it seems like a silly thing to do at the moment because the potential benefits from having the HSG should last for the next 2-3 months. It would be horrible to not be able to try one of those cycles in which (theoretically at least) I have increased fertility.

Hopefully the dates that work for us will also work for his boss. My husband is only really supposed to do one business trip a year, to Wisconsin (he did that in February). These extra trips are kind of inconvenient, especially given our situation. I guess if he absolutely has to go during ovulation time, then he has to go  :(  We'd be really disappointed though, and I'd feel very cheated out of trying during a cycle where we might be more successful than under normal circumstances.

His boss does understand that he has a life where we live, so hopefully it'll be OK. He's had to say no to trips previously for other reasons (like last summer, when we were buying our house and he had to be here to sign the paperwork and everything). I hope that his boss doesn't pry about why he needs to be in town for those particular weeks, but he's prepared to tell her a condensed version of the truth if necessary.

I'm 8 dpo today, and who knows, maybe I'll get my BFP this time and the business trips won't be an issue. I wish I could truly believe that, I really do. I'm trying to be positive without getting my hopes up too much. My chart looks OK, but it's obviously too early to test. I'm tempted to test on Wednesday (10 dpo) but that's probably still too early. It hasn't stopped me in the past, though!


  1. Your little Pugs are soo cute too, thank you for the comment it brighten my day, gald i'm not the only one that might hid!

    I hope you get a BPF this cycle too, Chart looks really good!

    Good luck being without Hubs.... I know that can be hard...

    I chart too, it will be nice to see how your doing with charting, I don't have many blogging buddies that chart and check cervix position!

    1. Thanks, Ali! It's so good having support from people who know what we're going through, I think I've had more support from bloggers and forum users than people IRL!
      Being apart from my hubby isn't an issue in and of itself, we were long distance (5000+ miles) for about 20 months before we were able to be together permanently. It's the timing we're worried about! Hopefully it won't be an issue, we'll see :)

      I hope you get your BFP very soon, the waiting is so hard and I know you've been TTC longer than we have.

      Have a great day! :)