Thursday, November 1, 2012

12 weeks!

I'm 12 weeks pregnant today! This is a day I feared would never come. So far, all appears to be going well and we're so thankful. In 4 days we'll see our baby on ultrasound for the second time. We're hoping for great news - that our baby still has a strong heartbeat, that he or she has grown appropriately in the 4 weeks between ultrasounds, and that everything looks good. I'm also hoping my SCH has gone away, or at least not grown at all.

Hopefully our baby will be moving around at the scan - I can't wait to see that! Of course we're hoping he/she won't be moving too much for the scan to be completed, though. I hope the ultrasound tech will give us a picture or two, as well.

I finish my progesterone supplements tonight, which admittedly makes me a little nervous, but I think everything will be OK.

As far as symptoms go I'm still tired and I have occasional nausea, but it's nothing bad. I have to say I've been very lucky - I haven't thrown up once. That's pretty unbelievable, because I honestly expected to be constantly sick!


  1. Yay!! Hope all goes well at your scan :)

  2. Congrats, we are 6 weeks apart!!! You did it!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Ali! I was so happy to see your ultrasound update :)

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    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Hope all is going well with you and your little one! :)