Wednesday, February 20, 2013

3D ultrasound today!

We have our 3D ultrasound today! We really can't wait to see our little guy again, it's been 7 weeks since our last ultrasound and this one will hopefully be better! I just hope the baby cooperates so we get good pictures. He's been pretty good at our ultrasounds so far, so fingers crossed he'll behave again for this one!

We still have 4 of the 5 noisy machines in our kitchen... the noisiest one was taken away this morning, thankfully. Tomorrow the rest should leave; they'd better, because I really need to get the house ready for my mom and stepdad arriving on Friday. There's only so much I can get done when I can't get into the kitchen. I also can't do much in our living rooms, because the machines will be leaving through them and I'd only have to re-vacuum if I did it today. Of course tomorrow I have to go out for lunch for a friend's birthday - it would have been fine had the kitchen disaster not ruined the week! Oh well, I'm sure the house will look OK by Friday evening.

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